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Working on my Christmas window, struggling a bit with the wings but I’ll get there.

Posted 285 weeks ago

Useless as I am with on line stuff, I’m making a bit of an effort.

I’ve now got a Facebook page, with quick a lot of help from my lovely friend Josie in Market Street kitchen, when I work out what to do I will put something interesting on it.

Until then here’s a few pictures of new inventions.😉

Posted 287 weeks ago

Posted 287 weeks ago
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Posted 381 weeks ago

New for 2016

Looking forward to the new season, I’ve spent the winter creating more weard and wonderful, useful and mabe not quite so useful arty things from whatever materials come my way.
I will be adding some photos very soon, just wanted to let you all know I am still here.
Please look on tripadvisor for some lovely feedback and compliments if it’s your first visit to my site.
The suns coming out in Appledore so hope to see you soon.😎

Posted 427 weeks ago

No workshops at the moment

Hi all, I’m sorry but due to illness I can’t take bookings for workshops at the moment.

I’ll keep this page updated to let you know when I’m able to start running them again.

Thank - Josie

Posted 533 weeks ago

So sorry it’s been ages, but I am still here and doing very well.

No time for blogging as the shop and workshops have really taken off.

Turning away offers to sell my creations in other outlets, reminding myself that this is a lifestyle choice and my lifestyle in Appledore couldn’t be better with any amount of extra material gain.


Christmas present workshops started just get in touch to join in there only has to be two of you to run one.

, see you soon. Josie x

Posted 551 weeks ago


Posted 551 weeks ago
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Posted 583 weeks ago

So sorry everyone It’s been ages, I’ve been gadding off to India for inspiration and then getting on with making stock for the summer season.

Also been desperately house hunting, found one and it’s in Appledore so I’ll really feel at home at last.

Lots of new creations in the shop so do drop in and have a look and the latest craze is machine embroidery so book a workshop if you fancy a go.

I’ll put a picture on to inspire you, take care and HAPPY EASTER !!!

Posted 583 weeks ago
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Posted 598 weeks ago
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Posted 600 weeks ago


I’m ready for the Christmas decoration workshops so get in touch if you want to do one.

If there’s two or more of you it will work like the other afternoon workshops.

2.00 till 4.00ish everything included.

I’m working on some pictures so watch this space !!!!!

Posted 602 weeks ago

Morning Groups

Sorry everyone I’m really busy these days so have had to put the morning taster groups on hold for the moment, Do still get in touch if you fancy doing an afternoon workshop as long as there are two or more of you.

I am doing an afternoon Christmas decoration afternoon  group as an extra at the moment, book for this in the same way please.

Posted 603 weeks ago
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Posted 608 weeks ago

Low season workshops

All change!!!

Hi everyone, As there are not so many visitors around now I am rearranging the workshops.

If you are two or more booking you can choose what you do on any given day as long as you book in advance.

Driftwood, Jewellery or Mosaic, just contact me through this site or by text to let me know what you fancy having a go at.

I am also starting my Thursday morning taster groups for people who just want to learn a certain craft technique but ideally you need to come into the shop and chat before joining this group.


Posted 608 weeks ago

Jewellery workshop wednesdays.

How about this bracelet, someone made it in the workshop last week.

It’s so pretty and she just found a design in one of my books and with a very little help created her own little work of art..

Why not come and have a go!!! You get tea and Jaffa Cakes too!

Posted 613 weeks ago

Back with you!!!

Hi everyone, so sorry about the breakdown with my site for the last few days, all fixed now so if you want to do a workshop do get in touch.

The weather’s been yucky here so with only small groups do book early, no time to chat now but hope to see you soon.

Josie x

Posted 613 weeks ago