Sea Green of Appledore

About Us

Based on recycling, Sea Green is a small workshop/gallery in the heart of Appledore, a small fishing village on the North Devon coast.

I have been recycling all my life although when I was small and one of a large family on a limited income it was called "saving waste". We just found a second use for everything much as they still do in poorer countries of the world.

Having artistic parents, as children I and my five brothers and sisters made all our presents and cards from what we could find and got huge pleasure from creating something quite beautiful from bits of so called "rubbish". Now this form of art has become a fashion and maybe I can make a small but hugely enjoyable living in this way.

Just some of the things I sell are:

  • Hooks made from silver plated cutlery
  • Bracelets , broaches and light pulls made from buttons
  • Fruit bowls, flower pots and book ends from old LP's
  • Jewellery from antique beads and broaches, watch faces and electrical components
  • Shabby - chic reconditioned furniture
  • Cushions and throws from vintage fabric
  • Mosaic mirrors from broken and odd pieces of floral and retro china