Sea Green of Appledore

Rescue. Recycle. Reinvent.

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Based on recycling, Sea Green is a small workshop/gallery in the heart of Appledore.

 A small fishing village on the North Devon coast Appledore has an expanding arts and craft quarter tucked away behind the bustling quay, so come and find us I guarantee you'll be pleasently surprised.

"Just call me the bag lady". It's amazing how the people of Appledore have taken me and my quirky little shop to their hearts.

Odd bathroom tiles on the doorstep and boxes of broken china and old silver plate cutlery dropped in by customers when they come to buy my recycled jewellery, or fruit bowls and flower pots made from unwanted L.Ps.

"Just popped in" said a neighbour "to see if you wanted any of old auntie Mabel's left over furniture before we take it to the dump.

I'm a rescuer, I can't help it, if I see an abandoned animal, a tumble down house or something useful that just needs a bit of T.L.C I cant resist having a go.

I take things that no longer have a use and give them a new lease of life so that they are wanted again. Knives and forks for coat hooks,
Cracked china into Mosaic mirrors, old dark furniture into lovingly restored and painted shabby chic pieces, the height of fashion right now.

From cushions, table cloths and quilts made from discarded curtains and jewellery from broken or unwanted costume pieces.

It's fun, Its quirky but best of all it's useful and on a serious side it gives a very good message to all my visitors it's time we SAVED WASTE.

Josie Ross

Josie's Blog

New for 2016

Looking forward to the new season, I’ve spent the winter creating more weard and wonderful, useful and mabe not quite so useful arty things from whatever materials come my way.
I will be adding some photos very soon, just wanted to let you all know I am still here.
Please look on tripadvisor for some lovely feedback and compliments if it’s your first visit to my site.
The suns coming out in Appledore so hope to see you soon.😎

Posted 144 weeks ago

No workshops at the moment

Hi all, I’m sorry but due to illness I can’t take bookings for workshops at the moment.

I’ll keep this page updated to let you know when I’m able to start running them again.

Thank - Josie

Posted 249 weeks ago